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Company Philosophy

Connectiing Global Innovations with China Drive

Connectiing Global Innovations with China Drive

Maxmind is a Chinese pharmaceutical company vertically integrated R&D, producition and distribution in China with an international outlook.

Based on the unique understanding of China pharmaceutical market and the introduction ability of Multinational Companies’ technologies and products, Maxmind integrates international and domestic resources by building a bridge linking China market and international innovations.

Maxmind has been adopting a higher perspective of analyzing technology and market, licensing in brand, patents or proprietary technologies from international pharmaceutical enterprises on the purpose of quality and management system improvement, has forged a strong portfolio of products with practical and innovative characteristics.

Adhering to the Philosophy of "Connecting Global Innovations with China Drive", Maxmind Pharma has been successfully cooperating with leading companies from Japan,Europe and India on licensing in brands and technologies and realized localized production of several products in China. Maxmind Pharma is also endeavoring in registering and marketing excellent Chinese products such as human insulin, insulin analogues and plant-derived microsphere hemostatic powder globally.

Core Advantages

Professional Team:The leading members of management team have work experience of more than 20 years, with abundant professional knowledge & successful experience.

Resource Integration:We are proud of our ability of introducing MNCs’ products, brands and technologies in line with the need of China market.

All-round Service Capacity:With long history of cooperation with the government agencies, academic communities and pharmaceutical peers, we are willing to provide our partners with all-round support in registration, tenders as well as consultation of entry to National reimbursement Drug List.

Government Agencies:Close relation with CDA, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Medical Insurancey as well as their provincial arms.

Key Opinion Leaders:Abundant interactions with medical key opinion leaders in key hospitals countrywide.

Network and Sales Units:Maxmind Pharma has established a sales network covering the whole country. The three BUs are responsible for different product portfolios. Each BU has set up a hospital team and a OTC sales team, covering more than 5000 hospitals of medium and large size and most of the chain drugstores.

People and Culture

Attracting talent by career opportunity, competitive remuneration and affection.

Maxmind Pharma regards talents as the most valuable asset. Through the company development, it attracts and gathers talents, creates a good working atmosphere to fully display their ability, provides opportunities of career ladder as well as competitive remuneration for sharing the business fruit.

Group members

Add:18/F, North Block, Guorui City Office Building, 6 Wuzhishan South Road, Haikou City, Hainan Province