Connecting and sharing

Based on the unique understanding of China pharmaceutical market and the introduction ability of Multinational Companies’ technologies and products, Maxmind integrates international and domestic resources by building a bridge linking China market and international innovations.

Maxmind has been adopting a higher perspective of analyzing technology and market, licensing in brand, patents or proprietary technologies from international pharmaceutical enterprises on the purpose of quality and management system improvement, has forged a strong portfolio of products with practical and innovative characteristics.

In addition to the license-in of technology and brand, Maxmind Pharma is also enriching the company's product pipeline through independent development.

A manufacturer and distributor of chocolates, confectionery, health food and drugs with an annual sales of 400 billion Yen and more than 6,000 employees.

Being the sixth largest pharmaceuticals company in Japan, MT Pharma is a subsidiary held by Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings, a member of Fortune Global 500.

With a history of over 70 years, Double Crane Pharma specializes in R&D, pharmaceutical equipment and API and preparation. At present, there are 48 subsidiaries and over 40,000 employees.

HTBT is working with the world's leading biotechnology company in Israel, focusing on technology R&D, product production and systematic services in the field of diabetes. Since 2010, HTBT has established a joint laboratory in Yavne, Israel and successfully invested in Oramed Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ORMP). Over the past 6 years, HTBT has successfully developed recombinant human insulin and insulin analogue APIs and insulin finished products.

WELDING GMBH & CO. KG is privately owned German company headquartered in Hamburg (Germany) and subsidiary in France. Welding was founded in 1955, which has a successful track of business relations in over 60 countries worldwide.

Stanchy, plant-derived polysaccharide microspheres absorbable hemostatic powder is a product planning to register in both China and Europe, which has obtained European CE certification. The marketing team adopts higher perspective to understand technology and market and strives to be the connecting bridge to introduce high-tech medical devices or medical materials into China from Europe, U.S and Japan.

Rooted in Osaka, Japan, Onshindo's products include Health Foods and Cosmeceuticals.

Maxmind's team in Europe, Japan and India are actively introducing more competitive products from around the world into China market.

Maxmind attaches great importance to the R&D. Only with continuous R&D and new products can an enterprise develops sustainably. So far, Maxmind have 18 products under development, ranging from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, nutritional supplement, antibiotic and API.

Christmas Tree Plan

In the joy of celebrating Christmas , we promises to release at least a new product at the time every year, So, what product will be expected to pop up from the gift box this year?

Looking forward to ...