One of the global leading innovative pharmaceutical group, specializes in R&D, production and marketing of various drugs, medical devices and healthcare products.

a manufacturer and distributor of chocolates, confectionery, health food and drugs with an annual sales of 400 billion Yen and more than 6,000 employees.

the sixth largest pharmaceuticals company in Japan. MT Pharma is a subsidiary held by Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings, a member of Fortune Global 500.

With a history of over 70 years, Double Crane Pharma specializes in R&D, pharmaceutical equipment and API and preparation. At present, there are 48 subsidiaries and over 40,000 employees.

Lucktin Biotech adopts higher perspective to understand technology and market and strives to be the connecting bridge to introduce high-tech medical devices or medical materials into China from Europe, U.S, and Japan.

Onshindo, rooted in Osaka, Japan, its products include Health Foods, Cosmeceuticals and Formula Foods for Special Medical Purpose. Osaka お お さ か, is Japan's second largest city, touted as modern metropolis having many Japanese international pharmaceutical companies. The principle members of the management team come from the first-class innovative pharmaceutical companies or chemical companies in Japan, such as Daiichi Sankyo, Mitsubishi Tanabe and CBC. Rigorousness and standard of pharmaceutical manufacturing have been deployed into the development of health products.

Facing new challenges and opportunities, Onshindo Biotechnology is continuing to adhere to the corporate philosophy of Health Companion's Innovative Passion, vigorously develop innovative products, and strive to create a healthy and prosperous life for the product users.

Maxmind's team in Europe, Japan and India are actively introducing more competitive products from around the world into China market.

Maxmind attaches great importance to the R&D. Only with continuous R&D and new products can an enterprise develops sustainably. So far, Maxmind have 18 products under development, ranging from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, nutritional supplement, antibiotic and API.

Christmas Tree Plan

In the joy of celebrating Christmas , we promises to release at least a new product at the time every year, So, what product will be expected to pop up from the gift box this year?

Looking forward to ...