Global BD

Global BD

Adhering to the Philosophy of "Connecting Global Innovations with China Drive", Maxmind Pharma has been successfully cooperating with leading companies from Japan,Europe and India on licensing in brands and technologies and realized localized production of several products in China.

Maxmind Pharma is also endeavoring in registering and marketing excellent Chinese products such as human insulin, insulin analogues and plant-derived microsphere hemostatic powder globally.

10 products and 30 product specifications
- Recombinant human insulin
- Recombinant insulin glargine
- Insulin aspart
- New long-acting insulin analogue
- Recombinant insulin lispro
- Long-acting GLP-1 analogue
- Insulin- GLP-1 mixture
- Oral insulin capsule

Plant-derived Degradable Microporous Microspheres Hemostatic Powder,Wide application in all surgical departments, helping to control capillaries, veins and arteries hemorrhage, including department of

cardiovascular surgery / orthopedics / hepatobiliary surgery / general surgery endoscopic surgery / ENT / burn / obstetrics and gynecology / urology Neurosurgery / thoracic surgery / plastic and cosmetic surgery and so on.

The products of Maxmind are registered in all major EU markets and license in and out from and to the companies in Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, South America. Maxmind Pharma has emerged as one of the active developing companies in Europe and is able to provide a comprehensive integrated service to its clients.